Our Ethos

At its core, House of Campbell pays homage to traditional craftsmanship, advocating for a shift towards quality to slow down the fashion cycle. The design process entails a journey into age-old techniques, seamlessly contextualised into contemporary creations that stand the test of time.

The brand’s styles come to life and find refinement in South Australia, fostering a dynamic and imaginative approach to design. Leveraging innovative technologies such as CLO3D and StyleCAD, the brand ensures a transition from development to a realm of unparalleled finesse.

Ultimately, House of Campbell’s pieces not only express the spirit of today but also promise to remain unique and timeless expressions of artistry into the future.


Australian made

At House of Campbell, a significant portion of our collection comes to life on Australian soil, meticulously crafted by the hands of skilled dressmakers and local factories. This commitment to Australian craftsmanship embodies our values of transparency and reverence for artistry. We take pride in celebrating the makers who infuse each garment with their expertise, making every piece a testament to their skill and dedication.

In essence, our dedication to producing garments on Australian soil not only upholds the tradition of quality but also fosters sustainable practices and fosters a sense of community.

House of Campbell’s commitment to Australian craftsmanship is a tribute to heritage, transparency, and the artistry that defines every stitch and seam.



At House of Campbell, we are committed to sustainable practices, which is why a significant portion of our collection is meticulously crafted using reclaimed fabrics, commonly referred to as deadstock.

This approach aligns with our values of responsible fashion and mindful consumption. Deadstock fabrics encompass unused materials that might otherwise end up discarded or wasted. By repurposing these materials into our designs, we breathe new life into them, contributing to reduced textile waste and promoting a more circular approach to fashion. This not only aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship but also allows us to offer unique, limited-edition pieces that carry a distinct character.

Our use of deadstock fabrics underscores our dedication to minimising our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional, sustainable fashion. Through each garment, we advocate for a future where thoughtful design meets conscious consumption, all while celebrating the inherent beauty of repurposed materials.


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