Stage 1

Mission Plan 2020-2023

Sustainability can be a tricky topic to navigate, mainly because sustainability itself is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of areas including ethical manufacturing, ethical fibre content, environmentally friendly packaging, carbon foot print, water consumption, animal rights and more. 

It can be difficult to tackle every area at once, but at House of Campbell we have outlined our main focuses that we are currently knuckling down on and will continue to strengthen between 2020-2023.


Less is More...

At House of Campbell, we are passionate about creating quality over quantity. 

We believe fashion should be designed to last.  

With this in mind, we do not produce fast-fashion. Instead, exclusive quality designs are produced at slower pace, creating pieces that are considered and trans-seasonal. 

A selection of curated designs are available through wholesale. We aim to partner with likeminded boutiques who share our passion for local, sustainable, meaningful fashion. A selection of House of Campbell designs are sold exclusive on our online store, which allows us to create high quality designs while maintaining an accessible price point.

You might notice we do not go on sale often. This is because, from the moment they are available to customers, our designs are priced at their correct value. We do not use cheap labour with large mark ups. 

Instead, our prices reflect the craftsmanship and quality materials that form each design. To learn more about the damaging impact of ‘clearance culture’ head here, courtesy of Vogue.


Information is Power...

We are committed to ongoing education and information sharing. We are committed to growing, continuing to adopt new practices and innovating wherever possible. 

House of Campbell aims to stay at the forefront of change within our industry, whether through continued research or attending progressive conferences such as Legacy Responsible Fashion Summit and Raw Assembly. 

We are a proud member of the Australian Fashion Council.


Waste Not...

House of Campbell is committed to reducing our waste wherever possible. Our online order packaging is eco-friendly, courtesy of Better Packaging Co. 

We are excited to announce that House of Campbell’s upcoming collections will feature beautiful deadstock fabrics. These are textiles that were created in excess by luxury brands and would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated.


Honey I’m Home!

Through working closely with local manufacturers, our upcoming designs will be sourced onshore, right here in Australia. We aim to celebrate and support local talent. Currently we're working on new opportunities and partnerships with local manufacturers and talent, watch this space!

Currently, we are proud to work with: 

  • Geelong Dyeing:
    An Australian and operated bespoke textile dye and finishing house. Geelong Dyeing house specialise in dyeing and have incorporated sustainable practices including the use of rain water, recycled water for reuse in dye vessels and sustainable chemical finishes. 
  • Yours truly:
    Key designs will be handcrafted in-house by the House of Campbell team. 
    From the beginning, we have utilised in-house sampling processes to ensure high quality and unique design. However, in our COVID isolation, we have been pivoting our in-house processes to bring you handcrafted designs, made with love and care from start to finish.


Fur the love of bunnies!

We have a strict no bunny policy! No angora is used in our products, due to the concerning treatment of our rabbit friends. All House of Campbell coats are made of luxe faux fur. No bunny business here!