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Our History

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Annie Campbell once spent her days in a flurry of 1940s glamour, extravagant swing dances and dangerously handsome soldiers. However, the struggles of a post-wartime United Kingdom took their toll and by 1949 Annie followed her family as they went abroad in search of new opportunities.

Greeted by a horse-and-cart in the dusty and dry Australian outback, Annie struggled with homesickness, yearning to return to her glamorous Glasgow. Throughout many years marked by heartache as she tried to find her place in this new and strange land, Annie soon found solace in a Singer sewing machine.

Self-taught, Annie began sewing outside her work in a local factory. Using raw Australian materials, she began to recreate the glamour she so missed and soon she became a popular local seamstress, crafting custom fashion pieces and many wedding dresses for those in her community.

By the time that her grand-daughter Abby turned five, Annie decided to hand her skills down to the next generation. She instilled in Abby a deep love of bold fashion and an appreciation of craftsmanship. At twelve, Abby got her own sewing machine and spent her weekends sewing alongside her grandmother.

To this day, Annie remains a strong mentor and steadfast support to House of Campbell Creative Director Abby.

House of Campbell is a tribute to Annie Campbell and the inspirational life she has lived.